March 2021 – March 2022 – #Send a Signal: Equality Without Gaps

From March 2021 through March 2022, we will be publishing various content on the topic of gender equality. It is our goal with this project to explore, consider and discuss this topic collectively with our audience and maybe even find some answers to our questions.

Gender equality between men and women is held as both a right and a principle of our society. However, when we look at management boards, households, caregiving and bank accounts, a different picture begins to emerge. We find gaps which still need to be bridged. Full gender equality means that women have access and opportunity to achieve all the same things as men.

Who is behind the campaign?

Gender equality is a priority of German Foreign policy.
Parallel to this, the Federal Foreign Office also pursues the goal of promoting equality and gender justice within its own organization.

We – the Equal Equality Representative and her team – aim to ensure that women and men in the Federal Foreign Office are not only equal in law, but also in fact. Our concern is to inform, raise awareness and break down barriers – for a fair and modern Foreign Service.