GABA NoCal: Leaving the U.S. – Financial Planning Tips & Traps, March 20, 2024

Please join GABA for a web presentation focused on the unique personal finance considerations for a U.S. citizen or resident preparing to permanently leave the U.S.

There is a large and growing community of successful families in the U.S. who are looking to move abroad. Some are foreign-born professionals who came to the United States and enjoyed a long and successful stay, but now they want to move away. Also, many Americans are considering the benefits of moving their families to another country. Sometimes the motives are work related, but often there is simply the desire to raise a family or enjoy retirement in another country.

Regardless of the motivations, when successful families move away from the U.S. there are significant financial implications which must be considered. Sometimes a family may contemplate expatriation from the U.S., but in most cases they will continue to be U.S. citizens or tax residents with financial reporting requirements in both countries. Depending on their personal situation, there can be a multitude of financial planning issues to be considered.

In this presentation, we will focus on four key areas:

  1.   Immigration and foreign visa programs, including the “Golden Visa” and special tax holidays
  2.   Cross-border tax planning, and foreign asset reporting back to the U.S.
  3.   Management of financial assets left behind in the U.S.
  4.   Estate planning and wealth transfer given exposure to inheritance system of multiple countries


Andrew Fisher 
Cerity Partners

Andrew Fisher is a Partner at Cerity Partners located in San Francisco. He is an experienced wealth manager with a focus on advising successful families with complex financial situations. Andrew serves as the practice leader for Cross-Border Planning, having long specialized in advising successful cross-border families – both Americans living abroad and foreign professionals living in the U.S. He is the author of The Cross-Border Family Wealth Guide, a personal financial planning book for internationally oriented families.

Libby Dawson
Cerity Partners

Libby Dawson is a senior advisor with Cerity Partners in San Francisco, leading client relationships where there is an international component. She has lived all over the world – including Switzerland and Montreal, so she understands the unique benefits and challenges that go with a cross-border life.


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