Wende Museum Tours: Prison Art East and West; Scenes of Roma Life, only 10 days left!

The Wende Museum’s current exhibition Ceija Stojka and Scenes of Roma Life juxtaposes the expressive artwork of Ceija Stojka, an Austrian Romani writer, musician, painter, and activist, with evocative photographs capturing the everyday life of Roma and Sinti peoples in Cold War-era Eastern Europe. 
As a child, Stojka survived the Romani Holocaust, which wiped out an estimated 25% to 50% of Europe’s Roma population. Later in life she became a self-taught artist in order to process her trauma and bear witness on behalf of those who were silenced. Her work serves as a testament to her community’s life and history, and also celebrates the spirit of triumph over adversity. 
The photographs in the exhibit complement her work by showcasing the richness of Roma and Sinti daily life, offering a more complete picture of these often overlooked communities.
 Ceija Stojka and Scenes of Roma Life provides a platform for understanding and appreciating the diverse cultural tapestry of these communities, while also acknowledging their shared history and experiences. This powerful show runs through Sunday, April 7.