LA: Closing this Week! Garage Exchange: Cosmic Commissioner

Don’t miss the 19th Iteration of Garage Exchange Vienna — Los Angeles Cosmic Commissioner closing this SUNDAY. Vienna-based artists Hanakam & Schuller and Los Angeles architects Current Interests to develop a mise en scène for the Mackey Apartment’s Garage Top Gallery. The underlying narrative of the exhibition is a satirical text by Victor Gruen from 1975. In this text, a cosmic commissioner meets various characters such as architects, urban planners and environmentalists on terra (earth). Reflecting on this text and its retro future imaginary, the gallery space gets re-rendered as an interior landscape of strangely specific surfaces, iridescent volumina, and muffled sounds.

Garage Exchange seeks to foster relationships, conversations and  collaborations in the arts between Los Angeles and Austria. In order to  expand the cultural exchange at the core of the Artists and  Architects-in-Residence program, The Austrian Federal Chancellery, and  the MAK Center invite Austrian and Vienna-based alumni residents to  collaborate with L.A. artists and architects of their choosing at the  Garage Top at the Mackey Apartments for the Garage Exchange Vienna-Los  Angeles exhibition series.


When: THU, APR 14, 2022  SUN, JUL 3, 2022
Where: Mackey Apartments1137 South Cochran Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90019

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