Join Karen Kohler’s Kickstarter Campaign for New Album

Karen Kohler has started a campaign to fund her double album LITTLE DEATH: Songs of Coming and Going. In her request she writes: “You dear Friends in Canada, Germany, France, England, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Rumania, Trinidad, India, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, South Africa and Australia – I hope you’ll make your pledges this week! Tell people you know who love great music and great storytelling. I’m DYING to make these albums and with YOUR HELP I know I can do it! It’s all or nothing with Kickstarter – $36,500 in the next 30 days or bust. Check out our beautiful rewards. Every amount helps – $10, $25, $50, $100, $500… Friend me on Facebook and see clips from our Off-Broadway run. Be part of the fun!” Little Death is German & French cabaret, Harlem jazz, Delta blues, classical art song, Fado, and rock-folk interwoven with world poetry in five languages. Using all my tools as singer and actress, I take you in and out of pleasure and pain, light and dark, birth and death, Alpha and Omega. Karen Kohler was born in Frankfurt to a pair of Berliners. She was five when her father, a Lufthansa airline executive, received a transfer from Munich to JFK. As a shy German girl, she learned English in a black childrens’ choir on Long Island to the tunes of Bill Whithers and the Jackson Five. Though she always loved to sing, she never aspired to being a professional performer. Her dream was to become the cultural attaché at the German Embassy in Washington, D.C., and so she chose a major in international studies in college, with a minor in music. She has studied arias, Lieder, theater and opera, the Broadway repertoire and jazz. On a trip to the Texas hill country in 1988, she fell in love with Austin and lived there for over a decade surrounded by blues, bluegrass, jazz and folk. Today, she brings all of these influences to her songs. Today she lives in Berlin and NYC, working as a cabaret singer. For more information about Karen Kohler and the campaign, visit _____________________________________________________________________________