Israel-Hamas war: Violence flares in occupied West Bank

Image: Max Zander/DW

Israel has kept up a steady barrage of airstrikes against the Gaza Strip since the October 7 terrorist attacks by Hamas. In the Israeli-occupied West Bank, Palestinians have taken their despair and anger to the streets.

The street leading to the Jamal Abdel Nasser Mosque is full of people on this Friday afternoon. Worshippers, men and children, are several rows deep along the storefronts full of plastic toys and leather goods. Some have spread small rugs on the asphalt. Others use scarves or cardboard boxes, or even kneel to pray directly on the road as the imam’s voice sounds from the mosque loudspeakers.

The protest that follows the sermon may be another reason why so many people are here today. In the Israeli-occupied central West Bank city of Ramallah, Palestinians have been closely following the events in Gaza and how the world has responded. In recent weeks, various groups in the Palestinian territory have repeatedly called for protests, and today is no exception.

As the prayer ends, the crowd slowly starts moving toward the main street. This protest is not particularly large, but the many flags, posters and shouts of “Freedom for Palestine!” leave no doubt about the demonstrators’ convictions.

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