IL: Sept 14, 2022 – Free Film Screening: Strongman Ferdinand

Ferdinand Rieche is an energetic little man with big goals and an unwavering verve in achieving them. Rieche is employed as a police officer in the criminal investigation department, but does not at all feel challenged in this job, especially since he has been accused of “methods that exceed the scope of his duties”. Rieche is looking for a new field of activity in which he can live out his thirst for order with ruthless German zeal. As a new plant security officer, he ensures the safety of a large factory. Rieche is completely absorbed in his new field of activity and promptly overdoes it in his drive for perfection, so that his “security and protection measures” for the safety of the factory are far more risky than an external threat to the company. Rieche observes and denounces, becoming a one-man Stasi system in the smallest possible area. He studies leftist literature, because he suspects his opponents there as well, and waits full of hope for his chance to proof his all-encompassing surveillance system. It comes one day in the form of the harmless little canteen employee Gertie Kahlmann, who steals food from the factory to save up the money for her own cab.


When: Wed, 09/14/2022, 6 PM
Where: Goethe-Institut, 150 N Michigan Ave Suite 200, 60601 Chicago
Language: German with English subtitles
Price: Free and open to the public


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