IA: Bridging the Legacy of the Davenport Zither Club from the 1880s till Now on OCT 13th, 2023

The Davenport Zither Club of the 1880s could never have foreseen all the seeds they were planting for the future of the zither in Davenport, across the country, and beyond. Their love of the zither helped them foster an educational program for those interested in learning to play the zither. This then gave them opportunities to perform for audiences around the Davenport area. Eventually, this opened the door for zither players across the country to come to Davenport and share in the camaraderie of learning and performing their zithers together in the 2 nd Annual Concert of the American Zither Verband in 1913. The seeds were planted.

Come and learn from Anne Prinz as she shares the legacy the Davenport Zither Club, how the seeds they planted have grown over the past 140 years, and what she sees as the future of the zither.

This event is both virtual and in-person and will be recorded.

Friday, October 13 · 4 – 5pm PDT

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