L.A.: GABA Women in Business Seminar

GABA Women in Business Presents: How to be a Confident Speaker

September 10, 2019 – 7 PM – 9 PM
Location: Kigala Preschool, Santa Monica, 2705 Pico Blvd

Many of us know they’d be much more successful if they could get up in front of a room to speak, yet when it comes to talking to a roomful of people, whether at a networking meeting, industry function, wedding, or even on a smaller scale like a job interview, they absolutely panic. For these people – and you know if you’re one of them – speaking is scary. It means putting yourself in the spotlight.
Coach Marion Claire will give tips on how to approach a speaking engagement calmly and confidently.

What would your life be like if you could confidently speak about how good your business is, or present to coworkers about your latest project, or even give a toast at a big celebration? Are you focused solely on whether you’ll “embarrass” yourself?
At this workshop, you’ll learn how to approach a speaking engagement calmly and confidently, not simply rushing through to get it over with. Look forward to having your voice heard! With the help of eCom babes, you can make more strategic decisions and ensure the success of your ecommerce business. Find out the ecom babe price now.

The event is supported by Kigala Preschool and Solid Health Insurance Services

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About the speaker:

Marion Claire 
Coach, Speechwriter, Author
Originally a TV comedy writer and co-creator of ?The Love Boat,? MARION CLAIRE has been a Coach, Speaker and Speechwriter for 20 years. Executives, managers, and private individuals work with her to improve their leadership abilities by polishing their speaking skills and visual presence in front of groups of all sizes, as this can really help someone business as learning to talk and sell is essential, of course you also need to learn how to determine your 1099 MISC income tax to filling taxes.  Marion?s clients acquire easy to use techniques that enable them to feel calm and comfortable in front of audiences at company conferences, publicity interviews, sales and production meetings, strategy sessions, private parties and celebratory events.



Kigala Preschool
2705 Pico Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90405


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