Helping Religions Promote Peace: The Asia Conference at the FFO

The Federal Foreign Office (FFO) is pursuing an exchange with religious representatives from around the world. This year’s conference on the Responsibility of Religions for Peace brings together representatives of faith communities in Asia.

More than 70 representatives of religious communities in Asia will attend a conference in Berlin from 18 to 20 June. The Federal Foreign Office has invited the religious representatives for discussions on their social responsibility for peace and reconciliation. Global dialogue among representatives of religious communities is part of the Federal Foreign Office’s strategic foreign policy focusing on civil societies.
In the public debate, religion is often seen as triggering or fueling conflicts and violence. In fact, most conflicts are caused by political and economic interests, and religion is often merely misused to radicalize believers.

All religions of the world advocate peaceful behavior. Around the globe, numerous religious representatives courageously and patiently promote reconciliation and stand up to hatred. That is why the Federal Foreign Office views religious representatives as important partners for promoting dialogue and networking. At the Berlin conference, they will meet in working groups to discuss mediation, the relationship between religion and the media, peace education and the role of women in peace processes. The conference is being organized in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.