Helmut Kohl sues his ex-ghostwriter, seeking 5 million euros

March 3, 2016

0,,17980480_303,00The former German chancellor is suing for breach of privacy, saying that the unauthorized biography has damaged his reputation and some relationships. He’s already won a case to heavily redact the bestseller. The latest trial concerning the book “Vermächtnis – die Kohl-Protokolle” (“Legacy – the Kohl Transcripts”) opened in a Cologne court on Thursday. Helmut Kohl, now 85, is suing principle author Heribert Schwan – formerly his official ghostwriter – for 5 million euros ($5.44 million) in damages. The case is also against co-author Tilman Jens and publishers Random House. Kohl argues that the defendants had no right to publish material from his conversations with Schwan without his consent.

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