Austrian Christoph Waltz & Michael Haneke & German-American Sandra Bullock win Golden Globe


Herzlichen Glückwunsch to the 2010 Golden Globe Winners: Viennese Christoph Waltz for Inglorious Basterds, Austrian Michael Haneke for The White Ribbon and Half-German Sandra Bullock, who spoke German to her German family in the acceptance speech, for The Blind Side (P.S. English Translation to what she said in German: You can go to bed now, but brush your teeth!). Styrian Austrian Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger held the laudatio for Avatar and living legend and honorary president of the Viennese film museum received the Cecil B. DeMille award presented by legend in the making with German roots Leonardo DiCaprio.

Guter Beitrag über Inglorious Basterds. Col. Hans Landa: “Warum? Weil ich weiss zu welchen enormen Taten der Mensch fähig ist, sobald er seine Würde abgelegt hat.” “Because I know what humans are capable of, once they abandoned their dignity.”

The Golden Globe winning movie, set in a Northern German village before World War I during the decline of the Austro-Hungarian empire, depicts the emergence of national socialism. Watch the Trailer

Martin Scorsese accepts Cecil B. DeMille award presented by Robert DeNiro and Leonardo DiCaprio