Germany and Turkey pledge to unite in more ‘joint efforts’ in refugee crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has met with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu for more talks on reducing the influx of migrants to Europe. Both condemned the Russian-backed airstrikes over Aleppo in northern Syria.

web news germany ankaraAngela Merkel’s visit on Monday, February 8, 2016,  came just weeks after the EU settled a deal with Turkey, which would see Ankara receiving 3 billion euros ($3.35 billion) in aid towards the care of the 2.7 million Syrian migrants already in Turkey.

“It’s important to see quick, visible improvements for refugees in Turkey,” Merkel said on Monday. In exchange for the 3 billion euro aid package, Turkey has pledged to help protect Europe’s borders. Germany has been hit particularly hard in recent months, with an unprecedented 1.1 million asylum seekers arriving last year – many of them fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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