German Supermarket Tackles Food Waste in Grocery Stores

Often at the forefront of sustainability, Germany has once again broken new ground by opening its first supermarket, The Good Food, to sell only waste food. Though the term ‘waste food’ might conjure up images of rotting fruit or curdled milk, the owners of the store are hoping to transform that perception in order to take steps closer to a zero-waste society.

Starting a waste-based grocery store starts with changing a national mindset about the food that grocery stores do not sell or that they throw out. Far from inedible, the produce and other products tend to be abnormally shaped, discolored, or too big or small. Taste, however, isn’t affected by aesthetics. Additionally, many expiration dates are conservative suggestions from manufacturers or producers. This message goes against that of advertisers who often promote a seemingly perfect product and set unrealistic expectations for shoppers.

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