German post develops mailman robots

¬† The German postal company Deutsche Post is pushing forward with a unique project of testing robots to help mail carriers. “WE are working on the development of the next generation of companion robots,” a company spokesman in Frankfurt told dpa.

About a year ago the Deutsche Post successfully carried out a practical test over a six-week period in the city of Bad Hersfeld and afterwards drew a “very positive conclusion,” the spokesman said. The robot proved to be reliable and safe and had provided additional important information. The aim is to see how robots might ease the work of employees in their physically demanding labour.

Named “PostBOT,” the robot is a four-wheeled vehicle 1.5 metres tall that follows the mail carrier every step of the way. It can carry parcels of up to 150 kilograms. The electric-powered companion robot stops at obstacles and is able to overcome curbs.

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