German on your Mind – Start the Journey

 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL FOR NEW GERMAN LANGUAGE CLASSES STARTING JANUARY 14TH, 2019! Don’t miss your chance to save 10% and sign up before December 7th! All enrollments with payments received by/on December 7th, 2018 (postmarked) will receive the 10% discount on the 9-week first session of 2019: $549 / $310.

Addendum for low enrollment
Starting August 2018 until further notice, in order to ensure 36-unit-classes-per-session with low enrollment (less than 8 enrolled) can be held, the following will apply:

Fee per session: $610
Minimum enrollment: 4 enrolled
Units per class:

  • 4-5 enrolled: 32units
  • 6-7 enrolled: 34 units
  • 8 and up enrolled: 36 units

Tiered number of units result from lower enrollment allowing for more rapid progress and more individualized instruction.

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