German Enterprises Have High Hopes for Obama

The Representative of German Industry and Trade as well as the German American Chambers of Commerce congratulate the President on his victory and look with great confidence towards the future German-American business relations.

We are anticipating Barack Obama to continue his work on finding solutions to tackle the economic crisis, the high unemployment rate and the growing debt deficit in a sustainable manner and, therefore, to re-establish confidence in the U.S. business environment.

Obama PIC

The German-American business community calls for strengthening the business friendly, non-discriminatory atmosphere for both American and foreign, particularly German, investors and trading partners. We expect the President to further eliminate trade barriers, to improve the transatlantic economic integration and to reduce burdensome import and export regulations. We hope the new administration will continue its efforts with respect to the EU-U.S. High Level Working Group on Jobs and Growth and will start to negotiate a comprehensive Transatlantic Trade Agreement.

To facilitate further investments, German companies in the U.S. also call for the establishment of a vocational education and training system based on business needs, for less restrictive immigration and visa policies as well as for the maintenance of the prevailing regulations for intellectual property.

Moreover, the German-American business community is looking forward to a bipartisan relationship between the Administration and Congress as well as within Congress itself to enable timely decisions upon important policy measures. The German Business Community and their representatives have always worked closely and constructively with any Administration elected by the American people. We would like to continue and deepen this trustful cooperation.

The 3,500 German business operations in the U.S. with their almost 600,000 employees are looking forward to participating in America’s further economic recovery.