German Culture on Wheels: Spot the WanderbUS!

The "WanderbUS" hit the road on March 4, 2019 in Alexandra, VA. Photo: Courtesy WunderbarTogether

Another exciting chapter of the “Deutschlandjahr – Wunderbar Together” (Year of German-American friendship) was kicked of on March 7, 2019 when the WanderbUS hit the road for a nationwide tour to high schools and universities in 48 states!


Packed with fun games, virtual reality experiences, and lots of other cool things to explore, the WanderbUS and its team will provide thousands of students the opportunity to discover the many ties between the United States and Germany, learn about contemporary Germany and, of course, polish their German language skills.

“We are excited to take the WanderbUS on a massive road trip across the country as a celebration of our shared ties,” said Torben Hennigs, Project Manager of WanderbUS. “The WanderbUS is designed to highlight the deep historical friendship between our countries and introduce Americans from coast-to-coast to German culture, language and heritage.”

Aboard the WanderbUS is a large showroom full of digital content and virtual reality equipment. Visitors are invited to put on the VR goggles and take a trip—in their minds, at least—to Hamburg, Nuremberg, or Frankfurt, exploring each city’s rich history amid a stunning backdrop that will make everybody feel, just for a moment, that they might actually be there. There will also be multiple opportunities to win exciting prizes like an original FC Bayern Munich jersey, signed by the entire team!

After several stops in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania, the WanderbUS will reach the University of North Carolina on March 12, 2019.

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