German Billionaire Funds Scholarships for Children of US Veterans

13545126Capri Sun billionaire Hans-Peter Wild, who grew up in Heidelberg during and after World War II, wanted to show his appreciation for US troops liberating Germany from Nazi rule and for what they did for Germany after the war. “The American military saved Germany from the Nazis,” Wild told the Washington Post recently. He said he believes that Germany owes a debt of gratitude to US troops for their sacrifices, which brought prosperity and peace to Germany. So he decided to help the children of military veterans, as the newspaper reports. “As an expression of his continuing gratitude, Wild has given $16.5 million to the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, a philanthropic organization based in Alexandria, Va., that provides educational financial support for the children of Marine and Navy veterans. Wild’s gift, the largest ever for the foundation, will benefit 3,000 scholarship recipients during the coming decade, said the group’s president, Margaret Davis.”

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