German Company Manufactures Sustainable Childrens Clothing

Kids grow, clothes don’t. Some say that children outgrow almost 1,500 articles of clothing in their first 18 years. That’s a problem!

kinderstuffThe German Apparel Company “KinderStuff” found a way to solve the problem. For every item the customer purchases, he gets a discount in the future. When the clothes no longer fit, you can send them back and get a discount coupon for your next purchase. KinderStuff even pays for the shipping back to the company! Returned clothing is then donated to charity, recycled, or resold as hand-me-down on their website.

“KinderStuff” is a German StartUp-Company, selling their products in Germany and the United States. Their head office is the USA, in Los Angeles.

Director of “Kinderstuff” Rob Rebholz about his company: “We are one of the few German start-up companies, that don’t copy US-ideas. Instead we are really going our own way, and want to go this way not only in Germany, but also in the U.S.!”

To get more information about “KinderStuff” please visit their homepage: