Gay Couple Becomes First in Germany to Adopt a Child

Two married men have become the first gay couple to adopt a child in Germany. Gay marriage became legal in Germany on October 1. Deutsche Welle reports.

Two men in Berlin have become the first same-sex couple in Germany to adopt a child, a gay rights organization said Tuesday. Michael and Kai Korok married a day after gay marriage became legal in Germany on October 1.

The German parliament approved gay marriage in June, giving same-sex couples the same tax advantages and adoption rights as other couples.

The Koroks have been the foster parents of 2-year-old Maximilian since his birth, and applied to officially adopt him shortly after their marriage.
A court in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district approved their application on Tuesday, said the Lesbian and Gay Federation in Germany (LSVD), making the men Maximilian’s joint legal guardians.

“It is a wonderful feeling to be jointly registered as parents,” said Michael Korok, calling adoption rights a “huge win” for same-sex couples in Germany.

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