Former Governor Schwarzenegger Speaks at the R20 Summit in Vienna on May 15

The R20 Austrian World Summit held in Vienna on May 15th, 2018 gathered high-ranking officials, decision-makers, businesses, investors and climate experts dedicated to showcase, promote and implement the Paris Climate Agreement and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With the objective of building bridges between key stakeholders and a focus on sharing ideas, skills and experiences, the Summit presented solutions for tackling climate change and fostering new and innovative financial mechanisms at the sub-national level.

After thanking Alexander Van Der Bellen and Sebastian Kurz for their partnerships, and building on the UN Secreteray General’s address, R20 Founder, Arnold Schwarzenegger, shared his optimism for the future of climate action by telling the 1’200 green crusaders in the room to “not be frustrated if some people are stuck in the past, because all over the world great leaders are moving towards a clean energy future ». He then accentuated the role of local and regional governments: “I know the power of sub-national governments, the power of cities, states, provinces and neighborhoods in implementing key policies that benefit the environment.”

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