Flaws Found in German Election Software

As reported by Deutsche Welle, a trio of hackers has warned that Germany’s vote-counting software is extremely vulnerable to multiple attacks three weeks before the federal election. But fears of Russian intervention appear to be exaggerated.

Germans got one more reason to be paranoid about potential Russian intervention in the upcoming election when a report was published that exposed massive security gaps in the software used to tally the vote counts across the country’s 299 voting districts. The report was published on Thursday, September 7.

IT specialists Thorsten Schröder, Linus Neumann and Martin Tschirsich analyzed the software PC-Wahl created by vote iT, a German company that claims the organizational software is used in “all the large German states for local district elections, state elections, Bundestag elections, European elections, and referendums.”

The alarming analysis finding a variety of weaknesses was independently corroborated by the hacker organization Chaos Computer Club, which also discovered more flaws.

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