FL: German Short Film Night in Coconut Grove on May 31

The Miami Short Film Festival presents “Focus on Germany – It’s all in your Head” sponsored by the Consulate General of Germany.

The festival takes place on May 31, 2017 at 8 PM a the Cinépolis in Coconut Grove.

Seats are limited. Click here to reserve your tickets.


Film Lineup:

FOOD FIRST – Dir by; Pol Ponsarnau – Narrative – 10:52 Min – Germany


MY SASHA – Dir by; Markus Kaatsch, Narration, 14:00 Min, Germany


Virtuos Virtuel, Dir. Thomas Stellmach, Maja Oschmann, Experimental, 7:25 Min, Germany


WILLA- Dir by; Helena Hufnagel, Narrative, 14:30 Min, Germany


WHAT IF… Dir by; Riza-Rocco Avsar, Narrative, 2:55 Min, Germany


The Short Case of Record 12 – Dir by: Simone Wendel, Narrative, 20:00 Min, Germany


SHATTERED – Dir by; Arne Kasten, Narrative, 9:29 Min, Germany


LITTLE SHOP – Dir by; Constantin Jahns, Narrative, 25:52 Min, Germany




For more information about German events in Florida visit www.miami.diplo.de