Emily Haber Becomes First Female German Ambassador to the US

Ambassador Emily Haber, © Germany.info

Germany has a new ambassador at the German Embassy in Washington: Emily Haber who began her work on June 19, 2018.

Ambassador Haber joined the German Foreign Office in 1982 and has had an impressive career that included postings in the former Soviet Union, Russia and in Turkey. This certainly sits very well with the current challenges at hand in the U.S.
Prior to her assignment in Washington D.C., Ambassador Haber served as the State Secretary for the Ministry of the Interior and before that, she was the State Secretary of the German Foreign Office.

Even before starting her new appointment, Emily Haber makes history as she is the first woman to serve as the German Ambassador to the US. On June 22, 2018, Ambassador Haber presented her credentials to President Donald Trump in a ceremony at the White House (photo). Meanwhile, former Ambassador Peter Wittig will be leaving the U.S. to serve as the German Ambassador to the United Kingdom. “DC has been a great home to me and my family for the past four years,” he said on Twitter. “I thank all of my followers as I pass the torch to new Ambassador of Germany and close friend Emily Haber.”

Source: Germany.info