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In a time where the advantages of being connected and communicating everywhere and all the time have the downside of electric smog, a German invention seems to provide the solution. Intense headaches, allergies and other diseases of civilization seem to be at least to a certain extent related electronic smog.

There is no scientific proof that cell phones, computers, microwaves and other technical appliances are damaging our health, but probably they affect human beings to a certain extent. We are made out of water and our cells are electric. The World Health Organization estimates that electronic smog affects up tot three in every hundred people and is “one of the most common and fastest growing environmental influences. There is even an ehow guide on how to avoid electronic smog at home.

But how to avoid it? Filmproducer and director Mila Beck brings a unique German invention to the US that might help in the form of gorgeous jewelry.

Dirk Grafischer, the inventor of the technology behind UnicMatrix, has been a successful product developer for more than 30 years, having learned the basics of his trade from his parents, who have a production plant for organic cosmetics and medical engineering in Germany. By the end of the eighties, Dirk had developed his first product, which was successfully used in more than a thousand institutes.

At the beginning of the nineties, he started to focus on the therapeutic aspects of chemicals and minerals. At this time he realized that the inner person is as important as the outside. This insight built the foundation for his holistic biochemical and biophysical approach. Following that, Dirk came up with more than thirty patented methods and production developments. All his inventions are used in the medical therapeutic world of high-performance sports and for wellness all over the world.

During his research, he discovered a very simple barrier to electric, magnetic or electro-magnetic waves. The centerpiece of the development is a powder, produced with spagyric techniques, having roots reaching back to Paracelsus.

In 2005, a meeting with one of the leading building biologists in Europe led to the idea of looking for a formula for EMF protection which could be added to wall paint. Dirk used an ancient alchemical recipe which he added to a self developed mix of different ingredients. The result: a quantum physical kind of matrix. The first tests demonstrated that the formula was working, but it was far too strong for wall paint. At the same time Dirk learned that a small amount of the matrix in immediate body contact eliminated the stress factors from WLAN fields and mobile phones completely. Independent institutions and physicians in Europe confirmed it.

From that point on, it would be possible to protect oneself from EMF. In 2009, the idea was born to apply the matrix to handmade pendants. The so-called Pyrolet® Matrix consists of over 30 different minerals, trace elements, precious metals and wild herbs, which are smoked in several steps and ground to a powder. The matrix can work most effectively with today’s knowledge as a mixture in glass or clay also combined with gold or platinum. The result: the UnicMatrix jewelry, a sophisticated protection from electronic smog.

The UnicMatrix glass models have German sand as their base and consist of several layers, melted together with the matrix at 1100ºC (2012ºF). Ornaments of gold and Platinum are added in the last step at 550ºC (1022ºF). The partially shining colors of the glass objects result solely from natural dyestuffs and minerals (for instance, red is produced by adding selenium, green by iron). The whole production process is performed completely by hand.

No matter if you believe it or not, it is worth a try to protect yourself and see the calming effect for yourself. If nothing else enjoy the especially crafted jewelry.

We have not conducted testings and research ourselves, but we have tried UnicMatrix and the gorgeous piece of jewelry has a calming effect as far as we can tell.

See all designs at: http://www.unicmatrix.com

And the UnicHearts at: http://www.unichearts.com


  1. I impressed with your thoughts. Really, your blog is wonderful. I will try your these ideas. Thanks for sharing your quite experience.

  2. I impressed with your thoughts. Really, your blog is wonderful. I will try your these ideas. Thanks for sharing your quite experience.

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