Die Schultüte für Taferlklassler

zuckertueteschuleOn their first day of school German kids receive a “SCHULTÜTE”, a large cardboard cornet filled with sweets and little presents. In Austria the students of the “1st Volksschule grade” are called: Taferlklassler. The name dates back to the time, when in the first grade you were only allowed to write with chalk and a little blackboard, only in second grade ink was introduces. How close we are back to these times, when we use an ipad, which is about the size of a “Taferl”.

In Germany and Austria the “Schultüte” is a common treat. It is a tradition dating back to 1810, children were told that there is a “Schultütentree” and when they are tall enough it is high time for their first day in school.

It is believed that the custom was inspired by the Jewish rites of giving children cookies shaped in the form of letters to remind them of the psalm: “Your word in my mouth is sweeter than the sweetest honey”.

Make your own “Schultüte” and fill it with treats and things the “Taferlklassler” will need on his/her first day of school.

You will need:

1. Scissory

2. A stapler

3. Glue

4. bendable cardboard

5. Tissue paper

6. A ribbon

7. Any other decorations for the lovely cone.

Cut the cardboard into a little bit more of a quarter of a circle. Glue one of the straight edges and form a cone. Staple it on top. Decorate it and hide the staples under a ribbon. Add the tissue paper, fill the “Tüte” and tie a ribbon to close it off. Fertig! Done!

Some corns are huge, about 5 feet, remember they should be filled with sweet, but also useful things for this watershed in a young person’s life. You can make own as instructed or buy it, for example here.