Deutsches Haus at NYU: Discussion about Happiness

In the context of “The PEN Voice Festival/ The Literary Mews” the German House of the New York University (NYU) presents at May 3rd a discussion about the search for happiness, under the motto “Running after Happiness or Running away from Bad Luck“.

happiness“I think it is impossible to write a novel or screenplay without addressing fundamental topics such as love, death—and, of course, happiness. My stories always deal with friendship, loss, hope, human virtues and weaknesses and how we all understand these to be essential parts of our existence. When I write about happiness for twenty pages in a 500-page novel, bad luck gets 200 pages. Happiness, success, health, security: As much as we want all that for ourselves and our loved ones, we simultaneously enjoy following the hero of a novel or movie on his path through hell and various crisis: the journey of life we call destiny.” (Rolf Lappert)

Swiss author Rolf Lappert will discuss the search for happiness with the Dutch author Gerbrand Bakker. Their conversation will be moderated by Lisa Dierbeck.

When: Friday, May 3rd, 2:00 p.m.

Location: 42 Washington Mews, New York, NY 10003

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