Destination Germany: More popular than ever

An increasing number of people view Germany as a desirable travel destination, and the country’s number of overnight stays proves it. “This year in Germany, we will reach the 400 million mark for the first time ever,” said the president of the German Tourism Association, Reinhard Meyer, speaking on Novem ber 8, 2012  in the Lower Saxony town of Norderney at German Tourism Day.

The industry association expects “an increase of up to four percent in comparison to last year,” added Meyer. He pointed out that German tourism has been consistently rising for a number of years.

GermanyIn the first nine months of this year, the number of overnight stays rose by 4 percent for German hotels, guest houses and campsites, said the association. From the 320 million registered stays between January and the end of September, close to 54 million were foreigners and roughly 266 million were domestic guests. Cities were also a popular destination, with Berlin and Hamburg recording the highest levels of growth.