Decline of Immigrant-Related Crime in Germany

crime_chartIn regards to crime, the number of cases of immigrants to Germany committing crimes has fallen by 36% and cases of crimes between immigrants has also fallen by 22%,according to new data on the topic of criminal activity in the context of immigrants were released by the German Federal Office of Criminal Investigation. The data summarized the time period of January until June 2016. Most of the crimes were related to petty theft and forgery. In comparison to other immigrant populations, those from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq had proportionally lower crime rates.

On the other side of the coin are crimes against refugees and immigrants to Germany. The influx of refugees has indeed shown to have an effect on politically motivated crimes. Crimes against asylum seekers increased in the second quarter of 2016, especially those against temporary housing complexes for refugees. This is still much lower than it was at the peak of the refugee crisis at the end of 2015 and is a high priority of the federal government to address.