DC: First Runnings: UNION Craft Brewing on Feb 21

First Runnings is a new interview series at the Heurich House, hosted by BYT Beer Editor, Phil Runco.

In brewing nomenclature, “first runnings” refers to the heavy, concentrated wort extracted from the mash, prior to rinsing the grain with more water (or “sparging”) to wash out the residual sugars. So, the first runnings is the super-rich sugar water. It’s the good stuff.

The concept is pretty simple: First Runnings will consist of conversations with the area’s very best breweries in the intimate, historic space that was once home to the area’s most distinguished brewer. Phil is going to ask deep, hard-hitting questions, and he won’t be satisfied until there are tears. Obviously, we’ll have beers from those breweries, and you’ll have time to tour the castle whilst sipping on one.For more information please visit www.heurichhouse.org and email alex@heurichhouse.org