Croove Private Car-Sharing Heads to Berlin

Four months after the launch of a successful pilot phase in Munich, Mercedes-Benz’s private car-sharing platform is now gradually being rolled out in other major German cities. Since mid-April, Croove will be bringing together people in Berlin who want to provide and rent vehicles privately. The platform continues to be open to vehicles of all makes.

Using the app or website, it is quick and easy for renters to find a private vehicle in Berlin that meets their specifications and price expectations. They are not tied to rental stations in fixed locations and can be certain of being given the exact model of car requested. Owners who rent out their vehicle, meanwhile, are able to optimise their car’s rate of usage while earning some extra money.

What’s new? Coinciding with the Berlin launch, the Croove app is now available for Android users, too. The website ( has been refreshed and includes some new functionality such as the ability to upload and manage vehicle information, as well as to manage bookings, via a web browser.

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