Switzerland: The Connection Between Holmes and Mendelssohn in Meiringen

sherlockholmes_statue_webDid you know that there is a connection between the famous German musician Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Sherlock Holmes, the fictitious master detective?

Sherlock Holmes’ faithful companion, John Watson, was a great lover of Mendelssohn’s compositions. He even asked Sherlock to play a number of songs for him on his violin. Two world famous historic personalities who both spent time in the Jungfrau Region – united through music.

Even today, one can feel Mendelssohn’s spirit in Wengen. The hiking trail, which has been named to commemorate him, takes one through some wonderful scenery and is one of Wengen’s most beautiful half-day hikes.

Sherlock Holmes is omnipresent in Meiringen – visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum, take a ride on the Reichenbach funicular to the very place where Holmes and Moriarty fell to their deaths, or take part in the Sherlock orienteering trail. Great family fun!

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