Chef Walter Staib wins Emmy Award and gets daily TV show

2012 Best Host Award makes 4th Emmy for A Taste of History

Thomas Jefferson portrayed by Steve Edenbo and Walter Staib celebrate.
The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences bestowed a 2012 Best On Camera Talent Program Host award to Chef Staib for his excellence in the show in front of a hearth fire and in historical locations.
This award recognizes his talent in season three. Highlights of the 13-episode season include cooking at the homes of George and Martha Washington and James and Dolley Madison. Staib tells the story of tofu traveling to America and colonials making due with rye as coffee during the war and visits Jamaica and Exuma to discover how exotic seasons came to 18th century America through trade routes.
Beginning with November 5, Walter Staib can be seen daily in his TV show “A Taste of History” on RLTV.

Walter Staib was also named 2012 Distinguished German-American of the Year by the German-American Heritage Foundation in Washington DC for his outstanding work in preserving American culinary heritage through his City Tavern restaurant in Philadelphia & his Taste of History TV show.

The German-American Heritage Foundation has presented the award each year since 1987. Other recipients include Ambassador William R. Timken, former President of the World Bank, Robert B. Zoellick; Noble Laureate in Medicine Prof. Gunter Bloble;  General  &  Mrs. H. Norman Schwarzkpf and former Chairman of the Federal Reserve the Honorable Paul A. Volcker.

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