Chancellor Merkel: Every vaccine is welcome

Chancellor Angela Merkel  recently defended Germany’s troubled vaccine rollout. In an interview with German public broadcaster ARD on February 2, 2021, she urged everyone to “hold on a while longer.”

Russia’s coronavirus vaccine could be used in the EU if it receives regulatory approval, German Chancellor Angela Merkel continued.

“Every vaccine is welcome in the European Union,” Merkel told German public broadcaster ARD, praising the “good data” related to Russia’s Sputnik V product.

Merkel added that she spoke recently with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the vaccine.

The Sputnik V vaccine was found to be over 91% effective against COVID-19, according to trial results that were published in medical journal The Lancet on Tuesday.

Previously, Russia drew skepticism and criticism for releasing the vaccine to the general population before publishing the phase III trial data.


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