CA: “The Visitor” Exhibition Opening March 9

The Garage Exchange Vienna-Los Angeles exhibition series brings together former MAK Center residents and Los Angeles-based practitioners to create an original exhibition at the Mackey Garage Top. This thirteenth iteration of the series brings together former MAK Artist-in-Residence Alfredo Barsuglia with artist Alice Könitz.

The Visitor consists of two architectural works: The Future Zone by Alfredo Barsuglia and Pavilion of the Present by Alice Könitz, both components of one large-scale accessible sculpture. The Pavilion of the Present can be entered through three revolving doors, each featuring images representative of and responsive to 2018 to date.

German-born, Los Angeles-based artist Alice Könitz has presented work in numerous exhibitions.

Exhibition runs from March 9 to May 5, 2018

Location: Mackey Garage Top, 1137 South Cochran Ave, Los Angeles 90019

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