Benjamin Heisenberg’s: The Robber, in a Theater Near You

Talented filmmaker Benjamin Heisenberg is one of the directors to watch, his latest film “The Robber – Der Räuber” is now in US theatres.

Having developed a taste for the adrenaline that comes from the thrill of the chase, marathon runner Johann Rettenberger, Austrian Andreas Lust, fresh of his Academy Award nominated role in Revanche, turns his disciplined mind and world-class athletic talents to a new hobby: robbing banks in broad daylight. But for how long can the fleet-footed thief keep outrunning the police? Franziska Weisz co-stars in this drama based on a true story.

Camera Cinemas San Jose CA April 29th – May 5th
Landmark Shattuck Cinemas Berkeley CA April 29th – May 5th
Landmark Lumiere Theatre San Francisco CA April 29th – May 5th
Landmark Nuart Theatre Los Angeles CA May 6th – 12th
Landmark Ken Cinema San Diego CA May 20th – 26th

Landmark Chez Artiste Denver CO June 3rd – 9th

Landmark Midtown Art Cinema Atlanta GA June 10th – 16th

Landmark Kendall Square Cinema Boston MA May 13th – 19th

Landmark Lagoon Cinema Minneapolis MN June 10th – 16th

Landmark Tivoli Theatre St. Louis MO June 10th – 16th

Cinema Village New York NY Opens April 29th
Lincoln Plaza Cinema New York NY Opens April 29th

Wexner Center for the Arts Columbus OH June 24th – 25th

Landmark Ritz Five

If the movie is not shown in your state, save it to your Netflix Queue.