Austrians disturb Will and Kate’s honeymoon

Martin Ernstbrunner and his girlfriend Tracy, from the idyllic Austrian village Bad Fischau, were vacationing on the Seychelles when they decided to spend a day on North Island, one of the more secluded islands. They anchored their homemade catamaran on the stunningly beautiful island, ready to spend a day diving and resting in solitude. However, instead of finding themselves in peaceful seclusion, they were suddenly confronted by a secret service agent who asked them to immediately leave the island.

What the Austrian sailors did not know is that they had discovered the private island rented by the royal couple for 50,000 euros a day from the German real estate magnate Maier. Apparently, the royal newlyweds were “not amused” by the tourists’ presence, but neither were the Austrians, who after all were not at all interested in the Royal Highnesses.

North Island is definitely up the Prince’s alley. The resort has observed sustainable conservation policies since the island was sold to the Maier family. Indigenous trees and plants have been reintroduced and sustainability is just as important as privacy.
The “Brangelina” as well as the Beckham clan have reportedly already vacationed on North Island.


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