Austrian Actor and humanitarian dead at 86

Actor and humanitarian Karlheinz Böhm died aged 86 near Salzburg. He was born March 16th 1928 in Darmstadt, Germany. His father was the world-famous conductor Karl Böhm.

Shooting to stardom as the male lead to Romy Schneider’s empress Elisabeth called Sissi in the post-war trilogy by the same name, he also starred four Fassbinder movies, but actor Karl-Heinz Böhm also had a lot more to offer. His heart beat for Africa and he not only found his love and wife Almaz there, but also founded the charity “Menschen für Menschen” – Humans for Humans.

He was critically acclaimed for his performance as a very English psychopath – the cameraman-killer in Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom “Peeping Tom”. The actor played in over 45 films including Hollywood roles like Jakob Grimm in MGM’s “The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm” and Beethoven in the Walt Disney film “The Magnificent Rebel”.

Ethiopia honored him with a Karlheinz Böhm Square and a statue:

“Peeping Tom” Trailer

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