America, Germany and France Join Together to Save the Bees

Whether we realize it or not, those friendly, fuzzy bees buzzing around us are doing us a huge favor. Nearly one-third of human crops are dependent on pollinators like bees, which means that our livelihood is linked to theirs. Bee populations have declined drastically in both North America and Europe in the past decade. This makes bee health a multilateral priority and a focus of both the German Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the German Missions in the United States’ EU Open House.

The German Ministry of Food and Agriculture founded their technical institute for bee conservation in 2016. The goal is to keep bee populations, both in Germany and around the world, fit and stable. The greatest risk and potential savior to bees would be the agriculture industry. With the rise of monocultures which decrease local floral diversity and abundance as well as the rising use of harmful chemicals, bee populations have been mysteriously disappearing since the 1990’s. As such, it is pivotal that protecting bees becomes the priority of not only individuals and politicians, but of farmers too.

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