Always timely: Watch Leonardo DiCaprio’s Powerful Documentary “Before the Flood”

Although it is summer and the thought of a flood might be far-fetched but watching Leonard DiCaprio’s thought-provoking and unsettling documentary Before the Flood that he narrated and produced is an excellent idea at all times.

And thanks to National Geographic you can even watch it for free >>

“I just want to know how far we’ve gone and if there’s anything we can do anything to stop it.” DiCaprio said about his documentary that had its theatrical release in Los Angeles and New York on October 21, 2016, and was aired on U.S. television nationwide as of October 30, 2016.

DiCaprio spans the globe to talk with politicians, scientists, activists — even Pope Francis — along with American dignitaries including former President Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry. But America doesn’t get off lightly here, as DiCaprio notes, “The U.S. has been the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases in history.” The film also cites that “half the people in office still don’t believe in climate change.”

Fisher Stevens, who won the Documentary Feature Oscar for 2010’s The Cove, directs Before The Flood, which was written by Mark Monroe. Presented by National Geographic and RatPac Documentary Films and produced by DiCaprio’s Appian Way, it was aired since October 30, 2016 by the National Geographic Channel in 171 countries spanning 45 languages.

So watch the documentary with your kids, your students or friends. Talk about the human impact on climate changes, do your own research, and consider how you could contribute to reducing global warming. – gw/Petra Schürmann

Click here to hear Leonardo DiCaprio talk about his documentary on The EllenShow. 

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All images: Courtesy National Geopgraphic