3-Week Summer Intensive Classes in San Francisco

Courtesy of Germany Travel

A great way to get started, make rapid progress and review. Enroll in one of our two A1.1 beginner courses or  in the intermediate B1 Review course in June (6/10 – 6/27/19), or in our A1.2 course in July (7/8 – 7/25/19). These courses cover the same material as our 9-week classes in 3 weeks! We’re looking forward to welcoming you, please check out the classes we offer and sign up now.

Addendum for low enrollment:
In order to ensure 36-unit-classes-per-session with low enrollment (less than 8 enrolled) can be held, the following will apply until further notice:

Fee per session: $610
Minimum enrollment: 4 enrolled
Units per class:

  • 4-5 enrolled: 32units
  • 6-7 enrolled: 34 units
  • 8 and up enrolled: 36 units

Tiered number of units result from lower enrollment allowing for more rapid progress and more individualized instruction.

For more information about dates and courses please visit www.goethe.de