10th Anniversary Celebration of PASCH and World Congress of German Schools Abroad

600,000 students around the world are learning German at PASCH schools.

The Schools: Partners for the Future (PASCH) initiative was launched by the Federal Foreign Office in 2008 and is this year celebrating its 10th anniversary. PASCH serves as a network for more than 2000 schools in some 120 countries throughout the world and is one of the most important programmes of Germany’s cultural relations and education policy.

On 6 June, an anniversary celebration will be held in Berlin to pay tribute to the initiative. The event will be attended by Federal Minister Heiko Maas, who emphasized the importance of the 10th anniversary of Schools: Partners for the Future, by saying “Only a few weeks ago, I myself visited a PASCH school in Tanzania. The partner school initiative is a great project. It helps young people gain a new perspective on the world and build networks across borders. Thanks to PASCH, we are not only forging strong ties between brilliant minds and Germany, but also deepening our relations with societies around the world.”

In cooperation with the Central Agency for Schools Abroad, the Goethe Institut, the German Academic Exchange Service and the Educational Exchange Service of the Secretariat of the KMK, PASCH has made a difference for and brought together more than 600,000 pupils and alumni around the world since 2008. The aim of strengthening the PASCH network, and thereby also German Schools Abroad, is part of the coalition agreement. This is because the initiative is a good investment in the future of young people who, by acquiring the German language, maintain strong and long-term ties with Germany.

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