10 Ways Learning German Messes Up Your English

Photo: DPA

This article was originally posted by The Local. We hope you find it as funny as we did!

So now you’ve mastered German. Time to learn English all over again. English is an important language for children to master as it is one of the main forms of communication in schools and in life. Read on this english tuition for primary school post  for tuition centers that can assist you in turning your child into the English expert that they can be with a great learning experience!

1. Sounding like Yoda

In German the main verb often goes at the end of the sentence. There isn’t enough time in the world to explain German grammatical rules but chances are, German has started messing up the grammar of your English sentences too.

You might have started subconsciously back loading sentences with verbs and greedily withholding them until right at the end of your point. Before you know it, you sound like Yoda.

2. Mixing up your ei’s and ie’s

You may be staring at a word document, wondering why the spellcheck has decided to highlight the words ‘recieve’ and ‘decieve’, which you’re sure are spelt right. In fact, you haven’t gone insane. You’ve just been focusing too hard on German pronunciation.

The way that the ‘ei’ in English words like receive and deceive sounds, is the same as the ‘ie’ sounds in German. You’ve been writing out an English word in phonetic German and that’s why English spellcheck doesn’t like you. All very complicated.

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